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We are Irving,TX’s most reliable deck cleaning company. Our team of professionals will come to your home and remove all the dirt, grime, mold and mildew fungus from your deck with a safe and powerful cleaning solution.

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Our professional deck washing in Irving, TX is at an affordable price, and we offer honest service. We also work hard to provide you with a clean, glowing deck at a low cost without compromising your safety or health. Our company cleans your exterior decks, removing all the dirt that has been accumulated over time. We use safe power washing methods that won’t damage your house or business. Our services allow us to handle any type of wood, concrete, or vinyl deck in Irving, TX as we offer a wide variety of options to meet your needs, including patio washing. We use power washing for homeowners in Irving, who need help cleaning their decks, and we will be able to break down any mold, mildew, or fungi that thrive on your deck.

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We offer pressure washing in Irving, that will eliminate all the dirt, grime, and smells, leaving you with a clean and fresh-smelling surface that is easy to maintain in the future! We will always arrive on time and will treat your deck properly. Irving Pressure Washing Pros provides the highest quality deck washing in Irving and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate! Please let us know how we can help you!

Make Your Dirty Deck Into a Beautiful Outdoor Space

It’s sometimes hard to notice when decks are slippery. Even in the absence of stains, the deck could harbor germs. Surfaces made slippery by pathogens can be dangerous. Do not treat a gritty deck with carelessness. It is essential to perform regular deck cleanings.

To make your deck look like new, we will wash and seal it. You will have a much easier time maintaining your deck after we perform our cleaning services. If your deck surface is made of wood, cleaning it can be challenging. The bacteria and moisture in your deck can actually rot the material. We provide the best deck cleaning service for all kinds of deck types. Our decks are treated with safe and effective cleaners, so they are taintless and free of germs. During the cleaning process, they will not be damaged.

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  • Germ-free, hygienic surfaces
  • This will not damage the property
  • using as little water as possible
  • Completely eco-friendly approach
  • Professional and friendly team
  • Free estimation and fair pricing
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Having an unsightly deck ruins the mood of a party. With our deck sealing and cleaning services, the dirty surfaces will look beautiful once again. Having children around increases the risk of slips and falls on the sloppy deck floors. The excellent cleaning equipment combined with the biodegradable cleaners will wash away all dirt and germs.

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